Rematech has over 50 years of experience in vulcanizing conveyor belts.

Our technical teams are deployed in our branch offices across Quebec and Labrador to quickly meet the needs of our customers.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 availability to handle your emergencies. Simply call the usual number and our telephone service will answer you at all times.

For different range of projects

We are fully equipped to handle your vulcanization projects, whether for vulcanizers, winders, belt handling, generators, truck fleets or anything else. We can perform wide span jobs requiring several teams of technicians. We do belt splicing using hot or cold vulcanization, for ply belts or steel cables, regardless of their length, width or thickness.

Manufacturer’s standard

Rematech applies Goodyear-recommended vulcanization procedures to ensure the longest possible service life for the belt and achieve the performance levels desired by our customers.

Other vulcanization work

Vulcanization of conveyor pulleys, chutes, hoppers, launders, funnels, tanks and so on is also done on site or in the shop, as per customer requirements.

Safety conscious

Rematech works with its customers and puts everything in place to provide a safe working environment whose top priority is to avoid any risk of accidents. Rematech has a recognized prevention program and is a member in good standing of a prevention mutual group.