Rematech Bremo is the exclusive distributor of Continental conveyor belts for Quebec, Labrador and southeastern Ontario.

Continental conveyor belts are manufactured specifically for the heavy industrial field. We have the right belt in stock for your application.


To reduce operating and maintenance costs while increasing productivity, choosing the right conveyor belt is top priority. Using Rematech’s belts and full service brings definite advantages.

Rematech’s huge and varied inventory of conveyor belts allows you to reduce your own inventory needs, financial investment and increase your storage space.

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For over 35 years, Rematech has been a proud distributor of Continental (formerly Goodyear EP and Phoenix) conveyor and elevator belts.

Continental offers a complete line of conveyor belts to meet the needs of all industrial sectors.

Continental conveyor belts are distinguished by the high quality of the materials used in their manufacture, their durability, their robustness and their consistent quality. In addition, Continental’s state-of-the-art research facilities enable it to test and develop new materials that make its belts even more durable.

Courroie de convoyeur


This line of belts is the outcome of Continental and Rematech working closely together, and have been proven over the last 15 years. It is specially designed to slide over a steel slab rather than on support rollers. Widely used in the forestry industry, these sliding belts provide many advantages :

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Unparalleled adherence to unequal plies
  • Anti-friction or low-friction rubber
  • Several GRADES (22, 23, 24, 16) adapted to every work environment
  • Rematech div. Bremo inc. exclusivity


This line of belts is exclusive to Rematech div. Bremo inc, and have been made to meet the needs of the mining and quarries industries, and for any other application that needs a highly resistant belt against abrasion and severe impacts.

  • Rubber compound highly resistant against abrasion (STACKER)
  • Belt fabric and structure specifically made to resist severe impacts
  • GRADE 500 / GRADE 600, adapted to work environment
  • Rematech div. Bremo inc. exclusivity


Conveyor belt with ribbed surface – with chevrons, ideal for inclines. This belt is especially useful for moving materials that tend to slide under certain conditions. For such applications, this belt carries a steady load without downtime.

  • Excellent chevron durability (moulded)
  • Good cut and abrasion resistance
  • Materials adhere well on inclines

PLYLON PLUS 220/2, 330/3

Plylon Plus is a solution for applications requiring good impact, cut and abrasion resistance. It has a wide range of applications and is particularly valued in quarries, sand and cement plants.

PLYLON PLUS 250, 375, 500 AND 600

The Plylon Plus has a track record in a variety of industries such as mining, aluminum and pulp and paper. It is the belt of choice for our most demanding clients and the toughest applications.

Its Defender Plus and Stacker brand rubber compound provides excellent abrasion and impact resistance and handles extreme temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 212°F (100°C)

With a great variety of tensile strengths, lining thicknesses and rubber compounds available, this belt can handle any situation.


This belt resists temperature spikes as high as 750°F (398°C) and is less susceptible to accelerated aging due to high temperatures.


This belt is designed to handle grain. It meets the industry’s static and fire resistance standards. It is highly resistant to oil and works well in temperatures as low as– 40°F (-40°C)

The Pathfinder Arctic ensures performance and durability when used as bucket elevators.


Flexsteel cable belts are world renowned for their consistent quality and unrivalled durability.

These cables, made of numerous metallic filaments, are designed to ensure great flexibility and allow effective and highly resistant splicing. The galvanized zinc plating acts as a bonding agent between cable and insulating rubber which creates a strong barrier against corrosion.

Continental and Rematech jointly provide technical support for belt selection according to transported materials and operating conditions.

Continental offers an innovative continuous inspection system for Flexsteel cables coupled with a rip protection system. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


This belt has a 40 Duro Shore A natural rubber compound that does not mark wood and slows it down effectively without damaging it.


A comparative analysis of the various Continental belt components, under strict conditions representing authentic field conditions, shows why these belts so clearly outperform the competition. The analysis includes the following tests:

  • Ultimate tensile strength
  • Longitudinal ripping
  • Transversal ripping
  • Excellent fastener holding
  • Tear resistance
  • Abrasion resistance


Increased belt durability and lower maintenance costs means you can provide the lowest cost per ton on the market.

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Flexowell elevator belts are designed for inclined conveyors where space is often limited. The belt’s vulcanized cleats and walls allow vertical conveying (up to 90°) of materials. Flexowell is the pioneer for this belt technology which has since found numerous applications worldwide.

Despite a more complicated design than standard belts, it is highly durable and requires very little maintenance.

  • Vulcanized cleats and walls for excellent durability
  • The belt’s type, size, walls and cleats are customized to your unique needs
  • Made with high-quality materials


Rematech offers a wide variety of light duty belts. We have the right belt for your needs.